Accredited Training

maya lasjes accredited
maya lashes accredited



  • Discuss the difference between the 1: 1 method and the volume method
  • Overview of products and tools for 2D / 8D technique (glues, tweezers, proper selection of eyelashes).
  • Types of eyelashes – selection and characteristics divided into thickness, length and type of curl.
  • Discussion of issues: the weight of eyelashes, perfect fan, amount of glue, matching different profiles
  • A detailed discussion of various techniques that allow creating perfect fans of 2D / 8D applications in volume methods (gripping, application, removal).
  • Eye modelling explaining individual techniques, styling in eye modelling
  • Adhesive dispensing technique
  • Methods of protecting the lower eyelid and eyelashes (work with the gel pads)
  • The most common mistakes made during the eyelash extension
  • How to avoid making mistakes during the eyelash extension
  • Step-by-step overview of the procedure to learn to create fans
  • Care of extended eyelashes
  • Discussion of contraindications – eye diseases that prevent eyelash extensions
  • Recommendations for the client after the eyelash extension procedure
  • Safe removal of fans and the entire application.
  • Mixing Curls
  • Q & A


  • Organization of the workplace
  • Methods of creating fans (training Head)
  • Correct dosage of glue
  • The correct separation of eyelashes and working with tweezers. Techniques of natural eyelash separation (training head)
  • Applying artificial lashes to natural lashes (Training head)
  • Safety of removing eyelashes fans and the entire application.
  • Preparing the client for the eyelash extension treatment
  • Preparation of natural eyelashes for extension
  • Right technics eyelash extension and thickening
  • Correct application of eyelashes with rows – selecting the appropriate effect and direction in relation to the natural eyelashes of the model
  • performing the full application of the eyelash extension on the model using the 2D / 8D method under the instructor’s supervision.